Sunday, April 4, 2010

To advetise on internet tv or not?

As advertising on traditional TV continues and increase, so might advertising on web television. Each network and show has created a website episodes for viewing- just in case you missed it. In addition to watching your show, you will also be 'forced' to watch commercials before, during and after the show. But the question is, should the amount of advertising on web television equal the amount of advertising now showing on traditional TV? This might be the case, since viewers are turning over to web television for reasons of convenience, and even because of fewer interruptions due to advertising.

"Internet TV has the potential to be the most powerful ad-supported medium ever created if we learn to leverage the strengths of both television and the internet. Give it a chance. "

At the expense to its viewers (some may say), networks plan to increase the amount of advertising to equal traditional advertising. The key for them is to create advertising or change/modify the advertising to intise the viewer to the message quickly.

For now, enjoy web television until advertising takes over.

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