Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Death of the desktop?

A radical shift has occurred in the computer world. This shift is the effect of newer hand held technologies like Apple products such as the iPhone and the iPad. The computer desktop used folders to store your files where you have to manually file and organize your files. 

That is where the shift comes in. Media is going to be pushed away from the desktop to eliminate the trouble and complexity for users. This has already been put into effect. iTunes and Windows Media Center are helpful for separating the files for you and keeping it organized. 

This is a far more efficient way of storing information. Accessing it is more natural and form or organization. The end result...the iPad. The iPad separates your media for you, so the music stays in iTunes and word documents stay in a word processing programs like Pages. 

"Although the iPad applications can allow users to create and manipulate files..this does not mean that people should have a sense of the file structure of the iPad." 

But that is not the only company moving away from the desktop. Google has made a big transition from moving off the desktop. Google's Chrome replaces the desktop with a browser. If you can access the browser, then you should never have to see it in the desktop. 

So between the iPad and Google Chrome, does that mean that the desktop interface is dead? "The iPad is not going to replace your Mac or Window PC, but it will start a new shift in the parameter of new interfaces." This is the answer: simplified computing. 

What is your thought? Would you prefer to work on a small screen to minimize desktop file organization? In my opinion is it nice to be able to organize your files in the places and formats that you want. I feel it is also easier and less time consuming to have to work on 3x2 screen when working with word documents, etc. Any heavy computing should be done on the desktop where you can personalize and organize how you want. 

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