Monday, April 12, 2010

Are you up for a game of Foursquare?

This isn't the game of foursquare you used to play with your neighbors in the driveway. This is the new way to stay connected with friends and family. 

Foursquare on your phone gives you & your friends new ways of exploring your city.

Here's how it works: Say you were going to a local coffee shop and wanted to invite a couple friends. You would connect to the Foursquare application and send a message to your friends (who are also connected to Foursquare) saying you were at the coffee shop and wanted them to join. They would receive a "ping" on their phone showing where you were for example, 4 blocks away at the coffee shop. 

It sort of eliminates the need to call all the friends you wanted to invite and ask each one what they were doing or what their plans were for the day. It's all about mixing social networking with where you are. 

It is also a game where you can earn points & unlock badges for discovering new things in your city. Once you have a checked in to a certain location or place a record amount of times, you can become the "mayor" of that place. In addition you can also start to earn freebies and discounts at businesses that are connected to Foursquare. Not only does this involve the community into the game, but also increases awareness and business. 

This changes the way people experience their Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights. It is also helping people make better decisions about where to go and exploring their city, all while staying connected with their friends. Over 700,000 people are out exploring their city and have joined Foursquare. When will you join? 

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