Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Today I did some research on online newspaper resources, comparing and contrasting what an actual printed copy would give a reader, rather than an online site. I focused on the area's newspaper, The Lufkin Daily News, and this is what I found.

InClass 6—Online News

Newspaper Name: Lufkin Daily News

Story/ Topics: Snow day, dietitian speaks at high school, funeral of Charlie Wilson

Features: color, graphics, advertisements, stories, weather

Newspaper website:

Items on home page: advertisements (web banners), motion graphics, photo slideshows (for top stories), calendar, weather

3 stories to compare:

First story I saw discussed the winter weather in the Lufkin/Nacogdoches area- This story offered several photos to see the different parts of the area with snow.

Second story I clicked on was Charlie Wilson’s funeral service. This story offered several pictures to see of the event with little to no story attached.

Third story I look at was a case files by the city of Dallas and the Texas Water Development Board that the Supreme has decided not to hear. This story offered a detailed of the updated news.

The content of these stories were completely different but offered either several photos, descriptive story or captions to photos to tell the story.

Reading an actual newspapers gives me the chance to use my sense of touch. I am appreciative of the printed newspaper because I know that was the one things used to be and how much time is put into making/printing one. Although, I enjoy seeing the stacks of newspapers in front of buildings, it now the digital realm, where I am always on the computer. It is convenient for me to ready online where I am always connected getting the latest news a click of a mouse. Some news forums or resources are not free, like some newspapers are. Many times you have to pay for a subscription of the online newspaper in order to view its daily upload.

As an editor of the newspaper, I would prefer my newspaper to have a broad range of news topics. It is important to note that the area or different parts of the nation are becoming more diverse and culturally aware, where it is key to make that active in the newspaper awareness. If my newspaper were an online version, I would like the website to feature a lot of interactivity between the viewer and the story. Perhaps, instead of written articles, they would be audio clips, or video clips, more photos and color. The newspaper would perhaps be supported through advertising, since online advertising is becoming very big due to the transition in social/digital awareness. I think a lot of newspaper will see more progressive and feedback with an online version, where print will slowly decline.

More these days, generations are becoming more technologically savvy and are able to navigate across the www. With that, it is important to keep that older media begin to evolve into digital news. Current online newspapers have the ability to print the pages where that is sometimes convenient for someone working from home or always in the office. Online is the way to go.

If you have any thoughts, let me know :)



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