Thursday, February 18, 2010

Augmented Reality

Search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing provide maps and directions to places all around the world. Once an address, location or directional points are entered into the search engine, it is possible to sort of be in two places at once. Bing Maps provides a punched up interactivity level of mapping. Microsoft has created a new augmented-reality for users to coexist in two places at once. The program gives basic and fluid ability to zoom in and out, pan in different directions and view photographs of the location. As you zoom in, you can three dimensionally see what might be a "Sim-city" imagery that you can view in all directions. Green dots will pop up indicating that someone has taken a photo of that area or of something that represents that location. Once you zoom in or "fly down," it seems as though you are standing at that specific location or intersection. What the program also offers is the ability to phase three dimensionally through intersections, roads and buildings. Once at the location you have the ability to pull up Flikr photos that have been uploaded of other people at a different time at that same location. The same image that Bing Maps gives for the location might be the same photo that Flikr shows but taken at a different type, etc. The augmented reality comes into affect when the user has the ability to actually enter a store or any location (so as long the information is there). Not only is the company photography on tops of cars outside, but photographing with a backpack camera inside of stores. The best part about this is that not only can the map give you the photograph of the location but also stream live video. If it has the ability to press play, you can actually watch video feed of the location. In addition of all this, Microsoft has engineered a world-wide telescope that when you pan the map towards the sky, the sky turns into satellite view of stars and constellations. You can change the date, time, and zoom in on planets, etc, providing satellite images of the such masses.

This changes the way we interact with the worldly locations. We can freely experience other locations and cities through the interaction of Bing Maps. The technology has pushed reality into another stream of interactivity, giving the user full control.

Check out Bing Maps.

Below are some pictures of what Bing Maps offers.

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